Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems – one of Germany’s innovation leaders

The F.A.Z.-INSTITUTE has published a study in Germany which confirms that Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems is among the country’s innovation leaders.

The analysis conducted by the F.A.Z.-INSTITUTE was based on the patents registered by innovative companies in Germany. This information provides clear insights into the new developments, technologies and inventions emerging from enterprises in various branches of industry.
The study focused on activities in all patent families worldwide over the past ten years. Innovation leadership and the research conducted by patent applicants in Germany, representing more than 600 areas of technological and scientific expertise, were evaluated according to a defined set of metrics.

Who are the innovation leaders?

Innovation leaders are special business enterprises and research institutes. They are distinguished by two main characteristics:

  • They are exceptionally innovative.
  • Their innovations have an enormous impact in their field of business or research.

These leaders are the drivers of competitive innovation. Both of these qualities are clearly exhibited by German innovation leaders. This was revealed in the multiple phases of the evaluation process.

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems, as one of the leading providers of intralogistic solutions worldwide, has made major contributions to the development of automated storage and materials handling through its many inventions and patents.

This has now been confirmed in the study ‘Germany’s Innovation Leaders’ from the F.A.Z.-INSTITUTE in conjunction with Prognos. Patent applications from 33,000 business enterprises in Germany were carefully analyzed and evaluated in terms of relevance.

The study confirms that Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems is ranked among the leading innovators in Germany!