Intralogistics 4.0 – Digitization and network connectivity with solutions from Hänel

Our strength lies in our know-how

Hänel software solutions – flexibility is key

Hänel’s inventory management software enables efficient, rationalized workflow

Hänel’s inventory management programs are intelligent software systems for computerized handling of warehouse processes on Hänel storage systems.
These programs manage storage locations, articles, tools, stocks, pick and put jobs and orders.

Hänel offers special software solutions for every application:

Integrated Control Software
The MP 12 N-S, MP 14 N-S and the MP 100 D controllers all have integrated warehouse management functionalities –
no additional PC is required.

Direct integration of Hänel systems in various ERP solutions via SOAP protocol
Hänel has enhanced its MP 12 N and MP 14 N-HostWeb controller with a SOAP web service interface. Web-based technology enables the implementation of a middleware-free link between the Hänel controller and many ERP solutions – for example, SAP.

Tool management
The ideal solution for your tool management.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Complete warehouse management solutions including receiving, high-speed order fulfillment and shipping are possible with fully-integrated storage systems from Hänel.

Flexible ERP-Interface

Hänel Tool Management & Warehouse Management System

Hänel Steuerungen

flexible ERP-Interface

flexibles ERP-Interface

Hänel Tool Management & Warehouse Management System

Hänel tool management & Warehouse Management System

Robotic Handling

Augemented Reality

Hänel Lean-Lift®

High-Speed Generation

Digitization with Hänel – Pure efficiency!

Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness – these are the demands that modern-day intralogistics must meet!

For over 70 years, the name Hänel has stood for high-quality products in the sector of intralogistics and office organization. Vertical carousels like the Hänel Rotomat® or vertical lift modules like the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Multi-Space® are high-tech products in automated storage technology. Alongside ergonomic design, inventory protection and the many system advantages, we give top priority to the cost-efficiency of these systems. The highest quality standards of the storage systems and the smart control technology from Hänel make these products a worthwhile investment for your company.

The operating procedures of Hänel storage systems are optimally designed to create additional space and time savings
Control solutions such as the optimization run, which automatically eliminates any unused space that may have arisen, or the Access Priority Factor which stores frequently requested containers closer to the access point than those needed less often, are only two examples of the many highlights of Hänel control systems. The perfect interplay between Hänel high-speed drive and microprocessor control unit enable travel speeds in the Hänel Lean-Lift® of up to 2.30 m per second! Numerous add-on modules and the various options for integrating the controllers into existing IT systems offer you optimal, customized storage management for your intralogistics.

The right decision
If you want to improve your intralogistics concept and reduce costs, you should talk to the specialists at Hänel first. They will work with you to develop your own ‘tailor made intralogistics concept.’

Be sure to choose the intelligent control and software solutions from Hänel, as so many renowned companies worldwide have done!