No future without a past

Milestones in Hänel's success


Hänel is one of the world's leading manufacturers of storage and organization systems, with distributors in over 60 countries.

2018 - Smart Picking and Pick-by-Voice

A world premiere at CeMAT 2018: Hänel launches the cost-effective Smart Picking concept along with system controllers based on Pick-by-Voice.

2017 - Augmented Reality

In collaboration with one of its customers, Hänel installs two Lean-Lift® systems which are operated with a wireless augmented reality-application.

2016 - MP 14 N

Hänel launches the new MP 14 N controller – a world premiere at CeMAT 2016.

2014 - SAP SOAP

Hänel innovations at CeMAT 2014: Hänel Lean-Lift® in extra-wide design with a container width of up to 4,460 mm. Hänel Soft® – Reloaded! The successful Hänel warehouse management software with new functions and design. Hänel controller as SAP terminals Direct implementation of the SAP/Hänel storage management template in SAP using HTTP and SOAP.

2011 - EcoConcept

At CeMAT 2011 Hänel showcases several innovations and highlights as part of the new Hänel EcoConcept: Hänel EcoDrive®, Eco-Load® and EcoMode® are efficient systems integrated in the Hänel Lean-Lift® and Hänel Rotomat® to reduce energy consumption in the warehouse. Presentation of the Hänel Rotomat® in a high-speed version. Again at CeMAT Hänel introduces the award-winning Hänel VendiShelf system for safe and secure storage.

2009 - Celebration of Gerhard Hänel

Celebration of Gerhard Hänel's 100-year anniversary.

2008 - DualDrive® design

Hänel, the inventor of the extractor with double container placement, perfects this system and develops the Hänel Lean-Lift® in DualDrive® design. Doubling of the production area at the Hänel plant in Wiesentheid, Bavaria. Hänel introduces an EcoDrive® version of the Lean-Lift® – a world first for producers of storage systems. CO2 reductions thanks to efficient energy recovery using a frequency converter with feedback unit.

2005 - 3-axis Multi-Space® storage system

In a world premiere at the CeMAT trade fair, Hänel unveils the patented 3-axis Multi-Space® storage system – the new definition of vertical lift technology.

2004 - Camera technology

Hänel is the first manufacturer in Germany to offer the option of fitting its vertical lift modules with digital camera technology.

2003 - New administration building

Hänel moves into its new administration building.

2001 - New Demo Center

Hänel opens a new Demo Center in Bad Friedrichshall.

1999 - 1,000 kg payload capacity

Lean-Lift® with 1,000 kg payload capacity per container.

97/98 - Expansion of manufacturing capability

Massive expansion of manufacturing capability with state-of-the-art production technology.

1996 - 500 kg payload capacity

Lean-Lift® with 500 kg payload capacity per container.

1995 - ISO certificate CH

Hänel Altstätten also awarded ISO 9001 certificate – the first company in its sector (vertical lift technology) in Switzerland.

1994 - Invention of the profile wall

First Lean-Lift® with vertical technology and 250 kg payload capacity per container. Hänel sets the standard in vertical lift technology by inventing the Hänel profile wall.

1993 - ISO certificate DE

Hänel Germany is the first company in its sector (vertical lift technology) to be awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.

1980s - New branches established

The 1980s saw the development of a wide range of industrial storage carousels for the global market. New branches established – Hänel USA and Hänel France. Hänel Netherlands followed early in 1990.

1978 - Storage capacity of over 10 tons

Hänel designs and produces heavy-duty carousels with a storage capacity of over 10 tons. Unprecedented at the time!

1973 - Lightweight construction

As early as 1973, Hänel was looking into lightweight construction techniques and developed the first aluminum-based vertical carousels. This technical achievement has remained unmatched to this day.

1972 - Hänel Plant 3

In Altstätten SG, Switzerland, Hänel Plant 3 starts production.

1970s - Industrial vertical carousels

At the start of the 70s the first Hänel industrial vertical carousels are launched.

1968 - Hänel Plant 2

Hänel Plant 2 goes into operation in Wiesentheid/Bavaria. Hänel Precision Gears Bad Friedrichshall, Germany

1957 - Ferris wheel principle

Hänel is the first manufacturer in Europe to series-produce filing carousels based on the Ferris wheel principle.

1953 - Foundation

Gerhard Hänel founds 'Hänel Büro- und Lagersysteme' in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany.